Linda Delaney: Questions for Tipton |

Linda Delaney: Questions for Tipton

Dear Rep. Scott Tipton,

We hoped you would squeeze in an hour between your meeting with hospital executives and your fundraising event Thursday to meet with constituents here in Steamboat Springs but apparently you were too busy. Your staff are probably as tired of hearing our requests for a town hall in Northwest Colorado as we are of asking but listening to constituents is part of your job.

Yes, some of us might disagree with you on many issues, but you need to know what we want to discuss with you. Here are some of the questions we would have liked to ask in person.

You called for an end to the Mueller investigation despite continuing major developments. Why?

You have called for “something we used to call civility.” How do you regard Trump’s Twitter attacks on people and organizations he disagrees with?

You voted to end net neutrality. How do you see that benefits your constituents?

You publicaly stated you would only support the Republican health care plan if there was adequate funding for those receiving Medicaid in Colorado yet voted for a plan that only protects Medicaid until 2020. Does that fit with your previous position?

Eighty percent of Colorado’s pubic lands are in your district, yet in January 2017 you voted for a bill that makes it easier to sell public lands. Please explain how that benefits Colorado District 3?

About a year ago, you said you want to see increased funding to community health care clinics to combat the use of emergency rooms for primary care. Have you acted on that in any way?

What is your position on Trump’s border wall? Don’t most immigrants arrive by boat or plane?

The Resilient Forest Act, which you co-sponsored, streamlines timber production in national forests and other federal lands but through “categorical exclusions,” prevents public input and does not require environmental analysis as required under the National Environmental Policy Act. How is that in the pubic interest?

Colorado has suffered at least three mass shootings. When questioned about sensible gun control, you focus on mental health. The two issues need not be mutually exclusive. Will you support enhanced background checks, requiring background checks for gun shows, denying gun permits to anyone convicted of any violence and placing a ban on assault weapons?

When Trump canceled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, and gave Congress six months “to fix” the program, you said it gave Congress a chance to come up with a “compassionate” solution. It has been 12 months. What have you done?

Over 40 percent of the House of Representatives including you, are millionaires. How do you justify voting for a bill that gives huge permanent tax breaks to you and the other millionaires and only minor tax breaks to the vast majority of your constituents that will expire in five years?

These are just a few of the topics we would like to discuss. Clearly you prefer telephone meetings where constituents sign up ahead of time and inform your staff of their questions. It seems your staff vets the questions and call on those with “soft” questions. There is no opportunity for a response to your answers. How does that keep you informed about what your constituents are thinking and fulfill your obligation to represent us?

Looking forward to your answers to these questions.


Linda Delaney

Steamboat Springs

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