Linda Delaney: It’s all about the money |

Linda Delaney: It’s all about the money

The Cassidy-Graham health care bill, the latest version of repeal and replace, has nothing to do with health and everything to do with money.

The Koch brothers have vowed to withhold $400 million from the Republicans if they do not pass a repeal and replace bill (Huffington Post). That's a lot of money by any measurement.

If you are Senator Cory Gardner, head of the Republican Senatorial Re-Election Committee and hoping to move up in the leadership, the $2.4 billion dollars to $6 billion dollars Colorado will loose as a result of this health bill is chump change by comparison, and he doesn't care. He has forgotten that Colorado has Tabor to contend with and can't raise taxes to cover the loss of federal money.

The Republican Senate needs a win, both for the White House and the upcoming 2018 elections. Because the biggest impact will not be immediate, they will be able to claim they kept their promise to the Affordable Care Act and the repercussions will not be felt until 2018 and beyond.

This is the most damaging of the Republican health care bills and is scheduled to move through the fastest. We, the public, have no idea how many will loose insurance but conventional wisdom says 32 million.

The losers will include Independents, Republicans and Democrats. And the hardest hit will be children, the disabled, those with pre-existing conditions and the “almost elderly.”

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Remember when we couldn't wait to be 18, then 21? Who would have thought we would be anxious to get to 65? Unfortunately, Medicare may be next on the chopping block so we must pay attention regardless of our age and current medical needs.

Senator Gardner says he has not decided how he will vote but he routinely says that, then votes the party line. This time, he has a big personal stake in the outcome but it is worth reminding him we have long memories – all the way to 2020.

Senator Bennet says he will vote against this bill and maybe, just maybe, he can have some influence over Senator Gardner. Representative Tipton claims to be a moderate but consistently votes with the conservatives. Fortunately, 2018 is coming up soon.

This bill is supposed to be voted on next week so make your voice heard now. Contact Senator Gardner at 202-224-5852 or 303-391-5777; Senator Bennet at 202-224-5852 or 303-455-7600 and Congressman Scott Tipton at 202-225-4761 or 970-241-2499.

Linda Delaney

Steamboat Springs

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