Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for Oct. 17 |

Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for Oct. 17

We had Octoberfest here at the Doak Walker Care Center on Thursday. Thanks to Connie and Cathy who worked so hard to make it good for us!

We’re still looking for donations for our bingo games. Thanks to everyone who has contributed jewelry in the past.

Visitors from Strawberry Park Elementary School were here for their weekly art class again this week, and we all had fun making black hats. The students from Christian Heritage School were also in visiting during the week.


Frances Wither’s family was in about every day this past week to see her. Gerry Hinkle has three daughters and one of them is in about every day to visit with her.

Bettie Pierce has had her daughter-in-law and son in to visit with her on a regular basis, and Phyllis Fulton’s son and daughter-in-law have been in visiting with her.

Mr. and Mr. Jim Novak are headed to Denver where he’s going to run a marathon. Best of luck!

Joanne Lombardi has been in from Oak Creek visiting with her mom, Phyllis Burrowes, and Clarice Reid has been in visiting with several people this past week, as well.

Juanita Davis’ son and other family have been in visiting with her, while Margaret Monger’s daughter Mary has been in to see her.

Barbara Shively has had visits from her son or daughter-in-law about every week as they bring laundry to her.

Marilyn Goggin, of Yampa, was in visiting with Lila Rider this week, and Rosa DeVault has had lots of family in visiting with her. Elinor Hockett has family in visiting with her, including her son.

We had a podiatrist from hospital in to help us this week, too. Thanks so much for your help!

Thanks also to all the help here – the aides and the cooks and the housepainters – for all the good things they’ve done.

We have several new people in to visit us. We welcome them and hope the ones who went home are having a good life at home. We hope to see them back as visitors!

Joke of the week

This man and woman went to the Grand Canyon every year on vacation. Every year, the man would say, “I want to ride the helicopter.”

Every year, she would reply, “$50 is $50.”

This went on for years, each time he got more insistent, but she stood firm that “$50 is $50.”

Finally, as they were bickering one year, a helicopter pilot standing nearby said, “OK you two, if you can stay quiet the whole ride, I’ll take you up there for free. But you have to be silent.”

The man eagerly agreed and the wife went along with it.

As they were nearing the end of their tour, the pilot said, “You know, I didn’t think you would make it. You didn’t say a thing the whole time.

The man said, “You know, I almost started to holler when she fell out in that first curve, but $50 is $50.”

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