Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for June 6 |

Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for June 6


May Ravenscroft's son and granddaughter were in visiting with her Tuesday, and Joanne Lombardi and Wayne Button visited with their mom and took her out for some sunshine earlier this week.

Bettie Pierce went to attend the graduation of her twin granddaughters, then out to eat with her family. Clarice Reid's son has been in to see her this week, and Mollie Mahony's daughter was in visiting with her every morning.

Rosa DeVault and her brother attended ceremonies at the cemetery with Memorial Day, and we all had a memorial coffee out here on the patio.

Don Lufkin's daughter was in visiting with him, and Frances Wither's family was in about every day the past week.

Carol Rickman is loaded with family coming in to see her nearly every day, and Phyllis Fulton got a visit from her son and daughter-in-law.

Elinor Hockett has had family in to visit with her, and Irene Meyers was in to visit with Lila Rider and Rosa DeVault.

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Congratulations to all the graduates from Soroco High School, Hayden High School, Steamboat Springs High School and Moffat County High School!

Soroco boys and girls did very well at state track, and we're very proud of them. Go Rams!

Good luck to everyone being discharged. We wish you all the best of luck.


We still could use jewelry and stuffed animals as prizes for bingo.

Joke of the week

The stalled car sat dead still at the intersection as the lights went from red, to green, to yellow, to red, to green to yellow and back to red. Finally, a police officer came up and said, "Pardon me, sir, but don't we have any color you like?"

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