Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for Aug. 1 |

Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for Aug. 1

Everybody enjoyed the barbecue we had outside on Thursday with family and friends. We were lucky we didn’t get any rain this time! Thanks to everybody who put it together, we had a blast.


Gerry Hinkel’s daughters were in on a regular basis to visit this past week, and Frances Wither’s daughters and family have been in to see her. Carol Rickman has been under the weather, but she’s still had visitors during the week.

Bettie Pierce has been enjoying visits from family.

Phyllis Fulton’s family was in to see her the other day, and Phyllis Burrowes family has been in to see her this past week, as well.

Clarice Reid’s son and other family members have been in to visit with her, and Rocco Stefano from Phippsburg was in to the Doak Walker Care Center with his wife to visit with Lila Rider.

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Juanita Davis has been enjoying a visit from her son, and Esther Alicea is doing real well and has been enjoying family and friends in to visit with her.

Darlene Cantrell has had family in about every day to see her, including grandson.

We enjoy the new people we got but we wish the best luck to the ones leaving us. We hope to see Rosa DeVault back here soon, as well!

Jokes of the Week

■ Two guys were talking and one said, “I think my wife is losing her hearing.”

The second guy said, “Well, test it out. Get 100 feet away from her and ask her what’s for dinner. Then get 25 feet closer and ask again. Keep doing that until you’re shouting in her ear and see what works.”

So the guy did that. He started 100 feet away, but no response. He asked again at 75, 50 and 25 feet. Finally, and exasperated, he asked it right in his wife’s ear.


“CHICKEN!” she shouted back. “That’s what I told you the last four times you asked me, too!”

■ A doctor was walking down the hall and a nurse said to him, “Doctor! What did you tell that poor woman in room four?”

“I told her she was pregnant,” the doctor said.

“But doctor, she’s 74 years old!” the nurse said.

“Yes,” replied the doctor. “But it got rid of her hiccups, didn’t it?”

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