Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news |

Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news


Everybody at the Doak Walker Care Center has been excited for the 2010 Senior Olympics held Wednesday. There were lots of events for the residents to choose from.


We thank everybody who has been bringing us jewelry for our weekly bingo games. It's fun to look through something new for a change! Anybody who would like to volunteer is certainly welcome at 10 a.m. every Tuesday.


Frances Wither has been enjoying visits from her family, and Carol Rickman has had family in to visit her on a regular basis. Bettie Pierce's son Ed came back from Alabama and said it snowed while he was there. Ed's wife, Pam, also has been in visiting with Bettie this past week.

Clarice Reid's son came in to visit her this past week, and Joanne Lombardi and Wayne Button had dinner with their mom, Phyllis Burrowes.

Darlene Cantrell's family came down and visited with her, and Lance and Dwayne Miles have been in to see their dad, Elvin Miles.

Dorothy and Marvin Shively's son and daughter-in-law are in just about every day to visit and often bring the dog with them to greet everybody at the Doak. Phyllis Fulton's son was in visiting the other day from Hayden, and Juanita Davis' son was in visiting with her the other day.

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Jokes of the week

A lawyer was talking to a doctor on the stand. He asked the doctor, "Well, did you check the patient's pulse before you started the autopsy?"

No, the doctor said.

"Well, what about checking his blood pressure?"

No, I didn't check that either.

"Doctor, how can you make sure the patient was actually dead?"

"You see, his brain was sitting in a jar on my desk. I'm pretty sure he was dead."

An Amish father and son were in visiting the big city for the first time in many, many years, and as they looked at all of the lights they stopped to admire a set of metal doors on an elevator.

As they stood there, a young girl walked up, pressed the elevator button and got inside.

When the elevator came back a few moments later, out walked a beautiful woman.

"Son, let's go," the father said. "We need to get your mother into one of these things."

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