Library plan will benefit all in community |

Library plan will benefit all in community

As a mother of young children and a person who respects the intricacies of running a business, I want to present a few points for consideration with regard to the proposed Library Expansion Project.

Property taxes stay local and work to spur the local economy. The library project will directly create jobs through the construction and through staffing a larger facility while keeping up with the needs of library patrons.

Indirectly, the property tax increase has the opportunity to influence people who live, work, and visit in the community, through the library project. Collections can continue to grow, change and adapt.

Children’s programming can happen comfortably inside the library. Teens will have a place, giving them another choice on where to hang out. Internet users will have more timely opportunities to access the Internet. There are benefits to be realized from this project for everyone who chooses to take advantage of library services.

The potential is there for the library to impact the local economy by sustaining and improving quality of life. Sustaining the quality of life keeps a community vibrant. An improved quality of life translates to improved economic circumstances generating more disposable income for individuals, which trickles down to local economic growth — a definite tangible benefit.

A key finding of research conducted by Online Computer Library Center, Inc. reports, “Libraries return substantially more benefits to their users for each $1 of annual local taxes”. In a “value” conscious society, libraries’ return to patrons and to local economies far more services and benefits than the cost of their respective property taxes.

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