Lia Kozatch: Protect our Medicaid |

Lia Kozatch: Protect our Medicaid

April marked a month-long Medicaid awareness campaign across the country. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and Colorado’s expanded Medicaid program, which I am a recipient of, over 100,000 Coloradans have healthcare on the Western Slope, which includes people receiving health coverage for the very first time. When people have access to affordable healthcare, we all are safer, healthier and better for it.

April also encompassed Tax Day, which got a lot of attention this year thanks to the new tax plan. While some of us may have seen a few extra dollars in our returns this year (first time in a long time for me personally), we are still taking the brunt of the cost of providing massive tax breaks to big corporations, millionaires and billionaires.

Thanks to some policy tricks, this new tax law is affecting health insurance, too. We can expect to see premiums skyrocket over the next couple of years as we have less and less funds to provide Medicaid services to Coloradans.

Cutting healthcare for the majority of Americans and giving millions in tax breaks to big corporations is not in alignment with my values and our Colorado values, so join me in calling Congressman Scott Tipton to ask why he supports cutting our healthcare and cutting taxes for the rich. Contact his office at 202-225-4761.

Lia Kozatch


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