Lia Kozatch: ACA enrollment for 2018 remains stable |

Lia Kozatch: ACA enrollment for 2018 remains stable

Despite what some politicians and political leaders may be saying, the enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, have increased in many states in a variety of regions.

According to the Associated Press and the Kaiser Family Foundation, nationwide enrollment decreased by 3 percent, but on a state-by-state basis, there were some significant surprises. Fifteen states increased their enrollments: Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kentucky, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

It is important to acknowledge that accurate information through data collection influences policy decisions, so I'm glad that this is now available to the general public. I sincerely hope that Congress listens to all of us when we demand that everyone in the country needs lower costs and better care.

One significant way for that to happen is to continue to sign up for health care to prove to them that the numbers add up. The more of us in the pool, the lower the cost in the long term.

It is also important to acknowledge that comprehensive and affordable coverage isn't available to all yet, especially in rural communities. Diversity of choice and less restriction to access would help people with limited choices, especially by equalizing cost statewide vs. by city and county. It's inspiring to see states where populations are spread out are committing to create access instead of hinder it.

Lia Kozatch

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