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CITY OR CHAMBER?City Council is spending our tax money to subsidize the airlines. Is city government in the tourism business or is that the job of the chamber of commerce?

Apparently city council hasn’t learned from their mistakes.

Look at our expensive unused airport terminal. To prevent future mistakes citizens should be able to vote or have input on future taxes and spending.

Impact fees were passed without public opinion. Why tax the new homeowner? Lift tax?

Steamboat prices are already quite dear.

Remember when a family could afford Steamboat and came of their own good will?

Let’s vote down all new taxes and stop rampant government spending and growth.

Stephen L. Evans

Steamboat Springs

FEAR FACTORYour letter to the editor, Sept. 26, 2001, page five cannot go unchallenged. Mr. Setter suggests that going to war against terrorism is very primitive, backward and unintelligent.

I wonder what he thinks of the terrorist. As far as looking for the “root causes,” this is the standard solution for most problems viewed through politically correct liberal prisms, which usually included giving them more money in the form of taxes since only they can solve this.

I also envision “conflict resolution” sessions for Osama bin Laden.

The truth of the matter is that, this is the kind of fuzzy thinking that got this country into this mess in the first place.

As far as solving this problem, it matters not that they do not like us, it only matters that they fear us.

George Kostiuk

Steamboat Springs

SENDING AIDPresident Bush, his cabinet, the Congress, a great number of assistants and specialists from all pertinent fields have been considering and preparing for a wide range of ways to defeat the Taliban and the terrorists wherever they may be.

Last night (Thursday) I thought of an idea that I haven’t heard on any news program or read about in any newspaper.

This morning I made telephone calls to the office of President George W. Bush, (202) 456-1414; the honorable Scott McInnis, (976) 928-0637; Governor Bill Owens, (303) 861-2471; Senator Ben Knighthorse Campbell, (202) 224-5852; Senator Wayne Allard, (202) 224-5941; Colorado House Representative, (303) 866-2904; the Colorado Military Affairs, (303) 677-8500 and Secretary of State Collin Powell.

I was able to get my idea to all of the offices, but was unable to get through only part of my idea to the office of the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, but I will continue trying. This telephone number is (202) 563-3647.

As many of you already know, once you have the telephone numbers you can call and give your opinion and suggestions.

My message to each was the following: A very large percentage of the Afghanistan people have fled their homes, and in a starving condition are living as best they can along the Pakistan border.

My idea would be for American aircraft to drop millions of small packets of food and other supplies such as clothing, water purification kits and medicines by small parachutes.

The Taliban military would shoot many of the parachute packages down, but others would get to the people.

The packages could be dropped 24 hours a day.

It seems to me that this would be a good way to prepare for the later confrontation with the Taliban military and the eventual defeat of the Taliban government.

Jerry Rudolph

Steamboat Springs

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