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ABUSE THEATERMy wife and I enjoyed last Friday’s inaugural performance of the Community Use Theater, known as C.U.T. Based on the nature and focus of the show, I suggest that the name of the troupe be appropriately changed to C.A.T., Community Abuse Theater.
Eph Holmes
Steamboat Springs

CONCERT APPRECIATIONThis is alittle late, but I wanted to thank everyone involved in the free concerts this summer. I had such a good time. So did my 8-year-old daughter. Whoever set up the childrens events did a great job. She had a blast.
I’m trying to think of good things in light of (Sept. 11’s) horrifing carnage.
It would be great to see some wonderful talent again next summer for free.
Thanks again,

Suzy Pattillo
Oak Creek

ACTS OF COMPASSIONThis past Tuesday evening, an automobile accidentally struck a dog named Rosie as she was crossing over U.S. 40 in front of the Rabbit Ears Motel.
The driver of the car, which struck Rosie, stopped; he didn’t have to do this.
Two passing bicyclists stopped to help; they didn’t have to do this.
My girlfriend and I also stopped to help; we didn’t have to do this.
The clerk at the Rabbit Ears Motel let us use their telephone and without being asked, donated a blanket to cover Rosie; she didn’t have to do this.
An EMT/former veterinarian passing by also stopped and rendered emergency aid to Rosie; she didn’t have to do this.
Pet Kare Clinic responded to an emergency call and agreed to meet Rosie at their offices in five minutes; they didn’t have to do this.
As Rosie was prepared for transport, one motorist driving a flashy silver SUV, demanded that we stop obstructing the flow of traffic; she didn’t have to do this.
To all the folks above that demonstrated their compassion for Rosie, thank you.
To the woman in the flashy silver SUV, I hope that if your Rosie should ever fall victim to a car, people like those, who went out of their way for Rosie, are the ones that come upon your dog to render aid and not people like yourself.
As I write this letter, I do not know Rosie’s fate. But I do have a simple message for those people already living in and particularly those coming into this valley: If you can not tolerate the inconvenience of an injured dog in the road, then perhaps, you should put Steamboat in your rear view mirror.
My heart-felt wishes go out to Rosie’s family the folks from New York.
Turner du Pont
Steamboat Springs

SILENCE AT SCHOOLAs an eighth-grader at the Steamboat Springs Middle School, I am appalled at the school system’s response to (Sept. 11’s) happenings. On the horrible Tuesday that changed the paths of our lives we watched the Twin Towers collapse during first and second period. After that there was no discussion of it. As the week continued there were a couple mentions of it during history class and nothing else. A couple people brought up ideas of fund-raising for Red Cross.
Besides that, I heard outrageous things. People thought that Jewish people did it, others thought it was Britain and Israel. I tried to approach my principal thinking there should be discussions in class, or at least have an assembly to explain what happened and play the “Star-Spangled Banner,” but I was basically brushed off. I didn’t even get an answer from my teachers when I asked why they were doing nothing.
It scares me to think that schools today in Steamboat Springs aren’t doing anything because they don’t know what to say. What happened in New York hit very close to home with me as family and friends live in New York and work in the towers. Most of my friends don’t even care about what happened now that they know their families are safe. I wanted to speak out and be heard and this was the only way possible.

Hallie van Straaten
Steamboat Springs