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DOWD MISSES MARKI would like to rebut Maureen Dowd’s column on dating, as it is totally one-sided, phony, all-American and superficial.
I have lived in Europe for seven years of my adult life, five of them in Scandinavia, where the average female makes the average American woman look, to put it as politely as possible, quite below average, both in terms of overall healthiness and attractiveness.
Almost every Scandinavian lady that I asked out to dinner would say exactly this, “No, save your money, I will cook for you at my place,” and if the lady really liked me, nature would take its course. The local men would explain this phenomenon by saying, “Our ladies do not want to feel paid for in any way, it is just not natural for them.”
Most northern European women also don’t waste excessive money on cosmetics they prefer to look natural, which matches their personalities. They don’t generally primp and perfume and promenade themselves. They don’t have to in order to get just about any male’s attention.
Any woman who offers to pay for a date with only $6 in her pocket is a phony-baloney parasite. Why doesn’t she just be honest and keep her mouth shut?
Dowd’s column was full of dishonesty, and was, for the most part, nauseating. It seems like completely self-centered, hypocritical feminism written by a mental midget.

Theodore Rockwell
Steamboat Springs

SKYLINE REGS NEEDEDThe existing, pre-1970s era covenants and the Routt Master Plan for Stagecoach only indirectly allude to skyline interference in guidelines for architecture control. I believe that is just not enough today.
I believe that now is the hour to spell it out for those generational types who still want to play king of the mountain on pristine western landscapes and don’t have a clue otherwise and for those loud old rebellious anti-everything types who object to stop signs on county roads and speed limits on highways.
They have no clue on which side their bread is buttered.
Do any of us?
Under the name of “freedom of choice and expression,” there are defiant homeowners who want to control their own destinies and use purple color schemes on tasteless trophy homes that are out of place in Routt County.
We can no longer trust nor afford to leave control of such decisions in the hands of the tasteless. Views and vistas that have been preserved for hundreds of years are at stake.
Such views and vistas are often taken for granted every day by long-time residents until one day, those views are gone. Views and vistas matter and add significant value, not withstanding economic and freedom of choice issues to the contrary.
For those fiery freedom fighters against skyline regulations, they need to take a hike to yonder counties to mess up their views, not Routt County’s.
You never, ever know how valuable the view is until it’s gone, and without some sensible and reasonable rules and regulations on skylines, believe me it is done and gone forever.

Russell Dashow
Glencoe, Ill.