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ENERGY INFOIt is time to create a hydrogen information center for concerned citizens of the Yampa Valley and world. The United States does not need to spend a billion dollars a week for Middle East oil. It is possible to create a sustainable, renewable, pollution-free energy future with hydrogen. If you are interested in helping and learning, please call Intergalactic at (970) 736-8451.

Fred Robinson

Steamboat Springs

PRICELESS VIDEOI’m very disappointed in the way the Steamboat Springs City Council handled the Centennial Film issue and the way it was reported in Steamboat Today. Everyone seems to have missed the boat in the value of the video and the work Smokey Vandergrift has put into the Centennial video.

If you take away a narrow-minded view and look at the overall picture, you will find that the Centennial video and the two other videos on the history of skiing in Steamboat Springs, produced by Smokey, have made a tremendous contribution to the preservation of our local history. Through countless hours of editing, Smokey has managed to put clips from old film footage and pictures on Steamboat events into a video that everyone can enjoy.

As one watches the Centennial video, many of the people that shaped or played a role in Steamboat’s development tell their stories.

Sadly, many of those in the video are now gone. But because Smokey took the time to go and interview these people, their legacy and memories will be with us for generations to come.

Also, film clips such as the burning of the Cabin Hotel, the swimming pool, inserts from the film “Ski Town USA,” the Lighted Man, the rodeo and even the old Yampa Valley Mail train are there for all to enjoy. As the Olympics draw near, Smokey has preserved two film clips that exemplify Steamboat’s Olympic tradition. The first is in his video “The Treacherous and Speedy Ski.” It is Buddy Werner’s last slalom run in the 1964 Olympics. The second in the Centennial video is Billy Kidd’s 1964 slalom run that produced America’s first-ever medal in this event.

I’m sorry that the City Council and the Steamboat Pilot & Today overlooked not only the historic and educational value of the Centennial video but also the contribution to preservation of historical Steamboat film that Smokey has made. Fortunately, in the end the real winner in this issue will be the future generations who can learn and see firsthand from three great videos, the heritage of Steamboat Springs. Taking words from a famous TV commercial, “THIS IS PRICELESS.” The Centennial video got a big bonus!

Jim Stanko

Steamboat Springs

On skyline regs

This letter is regarding the Routt County Commissioners’ meeting held at Centennial Hall last week. Regardless of what some individuals say, the skyline regulations would be a taking of land or would consist in devaluing the land. People who purchase land and pay taxes on this land should have the right to build where they wish. In some cases, depending on the location of the land, these regulations would not allow any building on the property.

Ex-Commissioner (Ben) Beall made the statement that the commissioners had been attempting to have skyline regulations for more than 10 years. Maybe there is a very good reason they haven’t been able to do this. Quite possibly it’s because the majority of the people don’t want any more regulation. It appears to me that only the “newcomers” want more rules and regulations. It also appears that the slightest little things bother them greatly. What happened to the “live and let live” we used to have in Routt County? Some of us, as property owners in Routt County, feel there are already too many rules and regulations regarding where we can live and how we live. The majority of us do the best we can with what we have.

One gentleman spoke, saying he wanted an exemption on his land because he’d donated or given the majority of it to the Nature Conservancy. Basically, this means to me that if an individual is wealthy enough to purchase a large amount of land and be paid money for the development rights on a portion of that land, than that individual can do what he wants with the remainder of the land. Is that right? In discussing mitigation, Commissioner (Dan) Ellison made several comments about 60-foot trees. How many years does it take for a tree to grow 60 feet in Routt County? I’m sure that not very many of us can afford to have 60-foot trees planted.

The idea of proposing guidelines is much more acceptable. This way, prospective builders would realize that sky lining is maybe unpleasing to certain people. BUT, please give up the idea of placing more rules and regulations on us. We don’t need them.

Charlene Stees

Steamboat Springs

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