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STILL DON’T GET ITGood memories come from simple pleasures like hot cookies with warm chocolate melting in your mouth on a cold afternoon.

Well, once again the Ski Corp. is showing its true colors bottom line greed. Apparently no one in the corporate offices understands the surveys that say the best thing about Steamboat Springs is our friendly hospitality.

Evie and Larry , we’ll miss your smiling crew at the gazebo by the bus stop. It was always fun to anticipate your yummy hot cookies while making that last run.

To the Ski Corps: You still don’t get it.

Betty Leipold
Steamboat Springs

A SHELTER OF LOVEOver the Thanksgiving holiday, my wife and I had the pleasure of taking care of Blanco, one of the dogs at the Steamboat Springs Animal Shelter. Our living situation prevents us from long-term pet care, but we thought the least we could do was keep one dog from being lonely over the long, quiet weekend.

Blanco is a wonderful white German Shepard mix. He was a bit apprehensive when we first brought him home, but over time he warmed to our home and to us. He’s not overly affectionate and would rather keep you company than jump all over you with hugs and kisses.

In that short time, he was very well behaved. Blanco is house trained and lets you know when he needs to go out. He doesn’t bark (except for a low gruff when he heard a strange noise). Whoever previously owned him trained him well because he never entered the kitchen or bathroom.

While comfortable inside the house, it was apparent to us that Blanco is an outside dog.

His name refers to his hair color, yet we found it was appropriate to the newly fallen white stuff. He couldn’t get enough of running around in the snow and never seemed to tire. He was truly at his happiest when he was racing from one end of Headwall to the other.

We want to thank the Animal Shelter for allowing us to take Blanco for even a short period of time.

We hope Blanco finds a home soon with a family that will love him and give him what he needs and deserves. However, Blanco is not the only pet in need of a home.

Please make a trip to the Animal Shelter if for no other reason than to play or take a walk with an animal that is stuck in a cage for most of its time there. You may find a companion to take home and provide unconditional love.

John and Diane James
Steamboat Springs

PRESERVING THE LANDMy respect goes out to the ranchers in this area, namely the ones whose paths I have crossed: the Dickersons, the Sparks, the Raftopouloses, the Allans, the Buckleys and the Walkers. It is these ranchers who feed this Great Nation of ours. And because of their stewardship the land is in as good of shape now if not better than it was 100 years ago when their ancestors arrived here. And Lord forbid if they should ever lose their grazing rights to this land.

Every spring on my seasonal horseback ride into the Vermillion Canyon area, I pass a capped gas or oil well not too far from the mouth of the Canyon, if in a time of war we should need the gas I would hope we could get to it.

These wells have already been drilled and no harm to the environment should occur if and when we should need this fuel. I have been hunting, hiking and horseback riding in the Vermillion Basin and Cold Spring Mountain area since the late 1940s, when I went on my first hunting trip with my dad Bob Heid.

I was shocked a few years ago when riding in the Vermillion Canyon area to find the scars from motorcycles, ATVs and bicycles.

If we do not stop this destruction, as has been done in the Sand Wash Basin area by these machines, they will destroy a very important part of our heritage.

There is not a ridge in the Sand Wash Basin area that does not have erosion caused by these machines.

Last year, while horseback riding in the Vermillion Basin area, I saw where a bicycle had ridden up and down a cow trail into the Vermillion Canyon area in the mud.

It had caused more damage in one day then all the cows and horseback riders and hikers caused in 100 years.

We need to keep areas like the Sand Wash Basin open for mechanized recreation, but areas like the Vermillion Canyon area where so much of our heritage is needs to be preserved.

We must take a stand now to save the land. If it takes a Wilderness Act to do it, than so be it.

Ray Heid

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