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Letter: ‘Women are rising’

This past Saturday, women, men and children braved the cold to march through downtown Steamboat Springs to support women’s rights and our growing role in politics and government. Speakers talked frankly about sexual assault, women in the workplace and the importance of getting involved this critical year by voting and mobilizing our friends and neighbors. Marchers carried signs highlighting the need to address climate change, immigration and a woman’s right to choose. 

To all of these issues and so many more, women bring key perspectives and an ability to engage in problem solving that have been underrepresented for far too long. We are incredibly inspired by the women we have elected right here in Routt County to our school boards and our city and county governments.  

We would like to thank in particular Helen Beall, who has devoted countless hours to the Women’s March for four years, and all those who lent a big hand this year: the Routt County Democrats, Big Iron Coffee, Bobcat sound and the Steamboat Springs Police Department. In the weeks and months ahead, the Women’s March will promote opportunities for everyone to engage in our democracy. This year, women are rising.


Organizing Committee of the Women’s March on Steamboat Springs

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