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Letter: Who am I?

I am a father, a grandpa, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend, a community member. I am also a law enforcement officer.

I’ve seen heart-wrenching things I would not want anyone else to see or experience. I’ve watched as a troubled adult took their own life before my eyes. I’ve been the first on scene to a terrible car crash that left somebody’s loved one deceased. I’ve provided CPR to someone who didn’t make it. I’ve witnessed families fall apart before my eyes, and I’ve witnessed children taken away far too early. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried with people I don’t even know.

I am a law enforcement officer. I’ve spearheaded a program with other law enforcement officers that takes kids from less fortunate families shopping during the holidays, so they can have something under the tree and so they can feel happy and loved. These families come from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

I love my profession, I love my community, and I stand against those law enforcement officers who sour and taint the thousands of us who go to work every shift to do the right thing and serve and protect our community.

Who am I? I am a law enforcement officer. Please don’t judge me or my fellow professionals by the ignorant acts of a very few. Judge us by the content of our character and the fact that we are in this profession because we love it, we love our community, and we truly want to help our fellow citizens.

Sometimes, it’s tough to wake up and go to work, especially during this trying time. However, I have confidence in my community as a whole, and I believe they do support those of us who strive to make a positive difference; therefore, we continue to put on our uniform and serve. I am a law enforcement officer, I care about you, and I would lay down my life for you and your loved ones; so please care about me and my fellow law enforcement officers.

As a profession and community committed to each other, we can do great things.


Ryan Adrian
Lieutenant with the Routt County Sheriff’s Office

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