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Letter: We all have a choice

As a nation, our greatest asset is choice. If you do not like the state you are in, you can move. If you do not like your job, you can find a new one.  If you do not like something, you can choose not to buy it, not to support it. You have the right to make those choices. That right is being taken away.

Is there a risk from the virus? Absolutely. Is that risk greater for some of the population? Definitely — 15.2% are over 65, 40% of adults over 20 are obese, 7.6% with sever obesity. For those who are at risk, your choice is obvious: take precautions and do what is necessary to avoid the virus.

For the first time in human history, we have quarantined the healthy. Why are the healthy being forced to stay at home and not live their lives and provide for their families?

What level of a destroyed economy do we accept before we open our economy back up? How many businesses in town have to close before we determine that risk is now acceptable? The government money will dry up and dry up fast.

If a vaccine for the virus is a year away, are we supposed to sit at home and wait while our economy and the world’s economy crumble and fall into a depression? How much damage would that do? How do you handle places such as Africa where people depend on the help and aid of foreign nations for survival if there is no more aid due to there being no more money to assist? How many lives would that cost? What is the acceptable damage to the mental health of those healthy, able and wanting to return to work?  

These are the hard truths and questions that so many are refusing to ask or answer. We were told to shelter in place so that our health system could prepare for the onslaught of this virus. We have done that, and the health system has made the necessary preparations to handle this. The virus is not going away.

Life is about choice, and that choice is being taken away. Those at a lower risk should have the choice to live their life as they see fit, not as others see fit. It’s time to start living with COVID-19 and not hiding from it.

Andrew Donner
Steamboat Springs

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