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Letter: Vote your pleasure

Money, money, money, Cabaret. “You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself “ Lying, cheating, stealing, bullying and name calling are aggressive. Mother’s wooden spoon and Ivory soap deterrents. My friend’s mother tallied gold, blue, red stars for gifting.

The ERA — 100 years old in 1923 — awaits women’s equal rights ratification. One woman’s courage stopped 1950 McCarthyism. Government rights, national security, voting privilege and equal protection under the law. Should Medicare for all be a right? Can education curtail drug, human and land abuse?

My free religion: right to my body and religions pay taxes. Is ski hill growth, “get out of my way” attitudes, a poison pleasure area? Adding leisure players requires increased police, fire, EMTs and funding?

Will climate change cause less water flow, no snowmaking, giving way to economic slippery slopes? No jobs, ghost housing. What happens if farm and ranch land is pushed out, losing productive growth and know-how.

“Yampa River Queen” viewing is lost, now delete obnoxious banners crossing Lincoln down the street hiding the ”Sleeping Giant” view. Happenings lists daily activity. Steamboat Springs has nature, a river, mountain boundaries, with one cross-town street for moving cattle. One-way streets on either side of Lincoln would divert overcrowded traffic.

Balancing people, land and water supply is difficult; however, increased promotion for leisure pleasure is destroying wilderness, city, ranches and the valley. Parking hampers enjoying town amenities.

Should only Routt County property owners vote on local projects? Are we losing local control? We need true reporting. Your ideas may be a solution. Uncontrolled gun use is wrong. Trump behaves like a male chest-beating chimpanzee. 

Lies, name calling, bullying is childlike behavior, as is, the “I can do what I want” philosophy. “Citizens United” grew since the Supreme Court allowed money pooling for authoritative corporate greed. Money, money, makes their stock world goes round. Delete electoral college, replace with popular voting.

Examine, explore, engage, challenge. Create a pleasing productive nonsocialistic democracy. Vote.

Ann Ross
Steamboat Springs         

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