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Letter: Unthinking respect

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
— Albert Einstein

Disagreement with prescribed protocols does not make you a bad person, nor does it make you wrong. It is ultimately important that we be allowed to choose our own approach to health.

A mask worn all day is an assault on the child’s health, beyond the social/ emotional/developmental hinderances. We are designed to be exposed to countless pathogens and to freely exhale to control their balance. Breathing into a mask for hours accumulates pathogens in this moist environment; you rebreathe what was meant to be expelled. Viral concentrations can increase and cause a problem when there would not otherwise have been one.

Just because mask wearing is “only a minor inconvenience” does not make it the right thing to do. Schools should have the freedom to decide under which circumstances they feel masks might be appropriate, according to their particular circumstances and common sense.

If we were actually successful in raising up masked and socially-distanced kids, regularly applying antibacterials and constantly washing hands, they would be the most fragile beings to date.

What is the end game with these protocols? Are we to be a masked society for life? The virus does not disappear, and there will be others. We are one small part of an organism that our science has only a minute knowledge of. This organism includes a countless number of viruses, with which our bodies communicate and which are part of our adaptation process. Our existence depends upon constant interaction with these microorganisms.

Health is not the outcome of the annihilation of all offenders. We have tried this approach in our agricultural practices and have killed off the majority of our soils. Chemical inputs destroy the microbiome of the soils, making farmers dependent upon them. Pharmaceutical companies profit by doing the same to your body.

Sunlight converts cholesterol in the body to Vitamin D, which is necessary to activate certain immune cells into their antiviral response. Studies have already come out showing the absolute importance of adequate Vitamin D levels to a successful COVID-19 response. Even Fauci takes it in supplement form. Unfortunately, a great percentage of those most susceptible to COVID are on statins. Policy targets the one thing we see, to the detriment of an entire system, which, when left intact, has the innate ability to care for itself.

Education is the path to a healthy society, not directives.

Clare Sibley
Nutritional therapy practitioner
Steamboat Springs

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