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Letter: Trump’s performance is indefensible

The past week or so has clearly shown how inept, corrupt and cowardly Trump is. So much so, I don’t know how any rational adult can defend his performance three years, going on four years, into his administration.

News on the COVID-19 front is especially depressing and frightening. Mr. I-won’t-wear-a-mask continues to make a basic tool in the pandemic fight into a political/cultural division. Millions of people look to him for leadership and follow his lead. How many kids frolicking on beaches and in bars rationalized that if the president doesn’t wear a mask, why should they? Trump himself has speculated that wearing a mask means you must not like him very much.

And state governors followed Trump’s exhortations to get the country back open, ASAP, full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. The results are pretty much the stuff of nightmares for the medical community and epidemiologists. The virus is roaring back, spreading like crazy in an environment that has largely fractured or dismissed the disciplined steps needed to fight the virus: wash hands, wear a mask in public, exercise social distancing and avoid large groups of people.

We’re not into our second spike — we’re simply extending and accelerating and growing the first spike.

Many other countries have succeeded in controlling the virus and are back to normal. Not us. Just as some states, like New York, are opening back up, Florida, Texas and Arizona are seeing the highest numbers and hospitalizations yet. To save lives, they’re going to have to lockdown again and bring all the tools to bear: especially massive testing, contact tracing and quarantines for anyone active or been in contact with active cases.

Trump has essentially abandoned the pandemic fight and is now focused on saving Confederate statues from being torn down. Pence is dispensing happy talk at huge variance with reality. All the shortages in the past three months are reappearing in the face of a tsunami of new cases. We don’t even have a national, functioning strategy of contact tracing between states. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have banded together to embargo travelers from exploding numbers states, to demand they first do a two-week quarantine before they’re free to travel.

And now this: Putin put bounties on lives of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Trump knew for months and has said/done nothing.


Brodie Farquhar

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