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Letter: Trump’s handling of pandemic represents strong, decisive leadership

An anti-Trump activist’s letter, calling himself a journalist, is disturbing.  This fake-news purveyor should retire in order to help stop the destruction of the American news media’s role.

President Trump’s handling of the pandemic represents strong and decisive leadership. While Democrats were focused on impeachment efforts, he understood the potential threat and responded early by restricting travel from China and Europe slowing the virus. He established a task force of professionals to advise him and state governors to fight the pandemic.  Deaths could have reached 2 million plus if not for his early actions. 

He inherited a depleted national medical emergency stockpile. Many states weren’t prepared. Hospital personnel needs were met only because of Trump’s initiative with companies to produce equipment quickly.

Trump understands the danger of federal centralized power and respects the role of state governments. His approach was for federal agencies to provide overall direction, coordination and support and to call-out states that failed to respond to local circumstances. Briefings were held daily to inform citizens. He eliminated barriers for testing development and distribution, treatment and vaccine options, and supplies. A stellar job.

The President and all Americans are united in condemning the killing of George Floyd by a policeman. In early action, the President started a federal investigation into the Floyd death as a homicide, days before there were any firings or arrests.

Protesting Floyd’s death is essential. 

But when Antifa and other extremist groups swarmed in to terrorize, loot, destroy businesses and kill, it turned criminal. Their goal is anarchy in the U.S. for an evil agenda, and they denigrate the importance of peaceful protesting.

The symbolic photo at the burned-out historic church sends a powerful message that church burning will not be tolerated and reinforces our President as an advocate for protecting religious liberty from violent threats. 

Fake news claims peaceful protesters were cleared from Lafayette Park in D.C. using tear gas for a photo opportunity. In reality, peaceful protesters moved back when asked by police but rioters attacked police, threw bricks and inflammable liquids, set buildings on fire and broke into the Treasury Department. No tear gas was used on anyone.

We don’t need a centralized, one-size-fits-all response to a health crisis or destruction of law and order that allows radical groups to impose their will, threaten our way of life and destroy our country.

Fake news doesn’t want a conversation. They just want to pick a side.

Loretta Van Norstrand
Steamboat Springs

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