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Letter: Trump doesn’t deserve ‘Get Out of Jail’ free card

When we elect someone to the presidency, I’d like to think we choose a person who we regard above our own station. A person we admire and respect, not who just “talks like I do” or “I could have a beer with.”

Do we really want a POTUS like us, the great unwashed?We have gone way below those standards. I hope that most of us are more moral, smarter, fairer, empathetic, kinder, less racist, less misogynistic than our present White House human.

The scariest thing is what happens if/when Trump gets off his impeachment. Don’t forget, he has committed numerous impeachable, immoral, illegal acts since his election. Wisely, the court list is a simple two. But what havoc will this thug wreak on America if he gets the Get Outta Jail card?

You thought putting kids in cages, separating babies from mothers, illegally benefitting from his hotels as president, screwing people out of money with Trump University, declaring bankruptcy six times, siding with dictators over American intelligence agencies while slamming most of our allies, gutting our EPA, lying tens of thousands of times, trying to gut our health care, ordering his staff to defy subpoenas and many other things too numerous to mention, was not too much of a bad thing?

Can we imagine what this unchecked human would do if the GOP exonerates him? He knows only one tenet; power. Since his election, 40% of Republicans have either quit or criticized him and lost their next primary. Women, blacks, Hispanics, gays, college kids, small ranchers/farmers, working class, basically most of us, will be under siege with the old white rich men in control with no boundaries. 

Trump will have nothing but revenge where most people have a heart. Putin will have Trump under his thumb, and America will no longer be recognizable to most of us. Maybe Dual Lingo or Babbel will add Russian to their list of languages.

Or maybe the GOP Senate finds a moral compass. Smart money is on the language courses.

Ken Collins
Oak Creek

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