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Letter to the Editor: Gay marriage clarity

The purpose of this letter is to try to bring some clarity to the issue of gay marriage. This issue becomes easier to understand if one divides marriage into two components and does not try to make it a single issue.

First, marriage is a legal contract between two adults controlled by the state. This control is represented by the marriage license issued by the state government and should be available to any two adults who want to get married. I don’t see how the state issuing a marriage license to other adults has any impact on my marriage and, frankly, how it is of any of my concern.

The second component of a marriage for some people, me included, is a religious component. These people want their marriage conducted in accordance with their religious beliefs and blessed by their church and God. This often includes the traditional belief that a marriage is between a man and a woman.

I think that this group should not try to restrict all marriages to this definition, and the recent Supreme Court ruling giving the right of all adults to marry with a state license is correct. On the other hand, I also strongly believe that religious beliefs trump civil rights, and no church or pastor should be required to perform a gay marriage in conflict with their religious beliefs.

If we break marriage into the two components and follow the ideas expressed above, then I think this becomes a non-issue. This letter is written by a strong Republican and is directed particularly at others in my party. I hope we can follow the approach outlined above and move on to other issues facing this country which are both critical and numerous.

David Moss


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