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Letter: ‘Thank you’ for Sheriff Wiggins

I would like to comment on the various letters to the editor that have appeared this week that are critical to highly critical of Sheriff Garrett Wiggins.

I note with interest that the letters neither thank the sheriff for his excellent service to the citizens of Routt County nor acknowledge his sincere effort to clarify his original Facebook comments. Rather the “wordsmiths” of Steamboat seize the opportunity to point out that his statements are “outrageous,” “unacceptable,” “insincere” and “marginalizing.” I not sure who might have appointed you folks as determiners of sincerity, but the tone of your letters would suggest that you could use some refresher courses on the subject.

You suggest that the sheriff implies that “all lives matter” and that that is some sort of “dog whistle” and that he needs to state “black lives matter” only — I think that your politics are showing.

My parents didn’t raise me to be a racist, but they did raise me to believe in Christian values, including that all lives matter. I have no problem with focusing on black lives matter under the current circumstances, but why is it necessary to be offended by and apparently hostile to “all lives matter?”

Also, I note that although you direct the sheriff to “look up the psychology of rioting and looting,” I didn’t see any suggestions on how the peaceful protesters, which I believe the vast majority of people support, might assist in deterring that sort of activity nor do you suggest how the arsonists, looters and assaulters be dealt with by the authorities. It’s possible that someone is “unfit” for their position, whether sheriff or letter writer, but I don’t think it’s the sheriff.

Sheriff Wiggins, thank you and your deputies for your service to Routt County; we appreciate it. Please heed General “Vinegar Joe” Stillwell’s motto — “nil carborundum illegitimi” — it will serve you well.

Paul Orzech
Steamboat Springs

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