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Letter: Thank you, council

We would like to publicly express our profound gratitude to the Steamboat Springs City Council for their hard work and commitment to fire and emergency services in our community.

The council appears poised to form a citizens committee at its Dec. 4 meeting to address this critically important issue.

We are absolutely convinced that a consensus plan can be developed that properly funds fire/EMS — and our incredible first responders — and that saves taxpayers money and enjoys widespread community support.

Les Liman, Linda Liman, Judy Jones, Gordon Jones, Maggie Smith, Tony Lettunich, Ron T. Berry, Lesley Schuldt, Larry Kaminsky, Bud Romberg, Patrick F. McClelland, Bill Martin, Barbara Williams, Bill and Kim Shurley, Anne and Phil Lauinger, Shawn Williamson, Allison Kusy, Kim Haggarty, Bob Weiss, Deane Weiss, Tom Fox, Ward Van Scoyk, Dan Pirrallo, DJ Edwards, Loui Antonucci

Steamboat Springs

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