Letter: Supporting local beef producers reverberates across the county

Due to the pandemic, the beef industry has found the target of an increased customer base. This has further allowed small local beef producers to increase both their profits and customers. This new wave of support for small businesses has developed the niche market for wanting locally sourced beef.

Since this market eliminates the middleman, it has improved the way producers are able to sell to their own community or region. Establishing a new connection from consumers to their food has created a way for generational family cattle ranchers to extend their roots in the beef industry towards new progressive outlets.

Finding places to buy locally produced food is perceived as a difficult measure, and the majority of U.S. citizens, 89%, want labels telling them the origin of their food. In reality, in Routt County alone there are eager producers wanting to provide clean locally produced beef for your family. By supporting local beef producers, not only will it directly result in added health benefits for your family, but it will also support another family’s business and livelihood.

All over the county, there are agriculturally based businesses that are selling their products directly to the consumer. For instance, in South Routt alone there is Snowden Meats, Whaley Lamb and Meat Co., Trout Creek Meats, etc. selling directly to the consumer. Other products like eggs, desserts and other agricultural related products are available at the Community Agriculture Alliance in Steamboat Springs.

Supporting local businesses helps continue to help the Routt County community stay the community we all love. The story is no different to supporting local producers. The relationships that can be formed by the farm-to-table collaboration tie into the deep agricultural roots that are in Routt County.

I feel the engagement of different communities across the nation sharing a new common feeling of support for local beef will only enhance the connection between rural and urban populations. By buying locally we’re returning to our traditions of how it should be. We’ve become so globalized that it was easy to forget about local producers. I encourage everyone to eliminate the middleman and support the future of the beef industry, local beef producers.

Olivia Rossi


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