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Letter: Sunday cartoon was not funny or clever

The cartoon on the Viewpoints commentary page of the Sunday issue of Steamboat Pilot & Today, depicted Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa and Rosa Parks lining up to discard their Medal of Freedom awards, since this medal was awarded recently to Rush Limbaugh by President Trump. 

It really bothers me when anyone presumes to speak for the dead. It is arrogant of the cartoonist to ascribe their political points of view onto to people who cannot speak for themselves. 

As a Catholic nun, Mother Teresa always stayed above the fray.  She spoke her mind on issues pertaining to her faith but was not political and should not be portrayed as such. I can think of one reason Mother Teresa would discard her medal, and that would be to sell it to the highest bidder so she could use the money to feed the poor. 

I always thought cartoons were supposed to be funny and clever; this one is neither.

Katherine Cain

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