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Letter: Still sticking to dress code in schools?

As the times change, so must we. I am a student of the Steamboat Springs Middle School, and I am infuriated that we still abide by the laws of dress code. Why must we continue to exploit teenage bodies?

In my search to understand, I only found reasons that made me more provoked. Administrative Policies S-41 states, “…Students shall not wear apparel that is deemed disruptive or potentially disruptive to the classroom environment or to the maintenance of a safe and orderly school.”

To that I ask administration, is my body disruptive? If so, is it my fault? Or is this just another addition to the victim-blaming culture that is so very overlooked? Because why are you teaching me to not be distracting? Why aren’t you teaching them not to be distracted by a belly button that they have most definitely seen before?

For me, and many other women, the times in which I dress “provocatively” are moments of empowerment, moments in which I feel confident in my body — until I am told that I am distracting, and I need to change. The shame is not in how I am dressed but in the need to minimize my self-worth. If I am too young to be wearing that, then I am too young to be sexualized for it. I am not suggesting that the dress code should be abolished completely. There should be restrictions on things, such as advertising weapons and drugs.

I am saying that we should eliminate the sexist elements of it. In the early 1900s, women were frowned upon and punished for wearing pants. So think about how we will look upon this in 100 years.

Do you truly think society should punish one for how they dress, when how one thinks of as inappropriate is subjective? To keep this dress code is to keep the beliefs of an outdated past. So people of Steamboat Springs tell me, do you want to move forward and past our old ways?

If so, go to cChng.it/5HStw52ZMp and sign the petition. Teach our young school girls something other than objectification.

Katherine Kimble

Steamboat Springs

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