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Letter: Statistics don’t lie, but Trump does

Hopefully everyone has seen the interview with Trump and reporter Jonathan Swan on Axios.

Trump really needs to stay away from real reporters — you know those that ask hard questions and push back on his lies — mainstream media can be so unfair. He needs to stick with Hannity, Dobbs and Fox and Friends. We all know those soft ball questions and statements: “President Trump, thank you for creating a more perfect union. It is remarkable how you accomplished so much in such a short time.”

There was a lot of stuff that came out in the Axios interview, including how ill prepared he was, and of course, how it is all about him. And then there was the comment regarding the 150,000 plus Americans that have died from COVID-19 — “It is what it is.” How compassionate.

I want to talk about “THE GRAPH.” In the category of most wasteful use of our tax dollars this week, the Trump administration must have conscripted 20 aides and many hours to find the one statistic that shows that the U.S. is numero uno in dealing with the pandemic. “The U.S. has the lowest death rate among those tested for the virus” and there was “THE GRAPH” to “prove” it.  

It is a valid statistic but it is meaningless. Death rates among those who contracted the disease or among the total population are meaningful statistics. It is like using a death rate for lung cancer by comparing it to all those that had an X-ray. I will let that sink in for the Trumpsters.

The other irony was that Trump has consistently used the total number of tests as a whipping boy. Trump has ridiculed the high number of tests that the U.S. has conducted because it makes the U.S. look bad — and thus Trump — because it increases the number of people who get the virus. Which is wrong to begin with.  

But here, in typical hypocritical fashion, he is using that statistic to make himself look good. It’s like Trump calling other people liars.

Statistics don’t lie, but Trump does.

Lou Coggia
Steamboat Springs

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