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Letter: Solving the affordable housing problem

This letter is in response to John Spezia’s letter about Steamboat Springs’ real estate market.

I’ve been trying to facilitate the construction of a 500-space tiny home village. No luck. I only have a concept but no money and no land.

So I tried to find possible land from STARS, the school system, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp., Union Pacific Railroad, Stagecoach ski area, anywhere there was available land. I attended the tiny home convention in Colorado Springs and met with the representatives of 40 manufacturers. There are many clever designs — expandable, high-end appliances, under-building storage, solar, etc.

I’ve written City Council, visited with county commissioners, sought information from developers. Result = nothing. Why? Not profitable. I’m trying to do this with no profit — just solve a problem.

We can help locals get a $10,000 pay increase by getting out from under a punishing mortgage or rent payment. Tiny homes cost $50,000 to $150,000.

These tiny home communities would have strong covenants with large community building for storage, day care, party rooms, workshops, commercial kitchen and laundromat, a garden spots for veggies and a community. Tiny homes would help locals, seasonal workers, retirees, veterans.

Five-hundred units would provide big volume cost savings on utilities, roads and sidewalks, landscaping, etc. Five-hundred units x $600 a month lease fee equals $3,600,000 a year cash flow. Not too shabby.

We can partner with anyone with land. We need a thoughtful partner who wants to solve our problem.

Frank Dolman
Steamboat Springs

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