Letter: Routt County is better than this

We don’t always have to agree on everything. Frankly, our community is richer because of our variable political landscape, making it almost delightful to agree to disagree. With a 44% unaffiliated rate, we in Routt County are proud of our long known ability to work collaboratively, despite national political turmoil and divisiveness.  

When someone within our community uses political angst to attack an elected official with zero claims, it is worrisome. We are treading through unknown waters with COVID-19, and we must remind ourselves that our Routt County Board of Commissioners are doing their best to lead and protect. Tim Corrigan, Doug Monger and Beth Melton are collectively at the helm of the county, and they’ve done a remarkable job balancing public health with economic resiliency.

Beth’s track record of success is no secret, but we feel the need to remind her constituents of why we elected her. She has taken a lead on climate change, early childhood education and affordable housing. She has become a crucial advocate for both public health and our business community while helping to navigate the pandemic and consequent economic recession.

We understand that recalls are an essential piece in any democracy’s toolkit. They exist to quickly oust an individual from office who has committed ethical or legal wrongdoing. What they are not is for removing an individual that one dislikes. They are not in place for one to unleash partisan hate in an attempt to “flip” a seat. 

This campaign against Beth Melton has yet to publicly state its grounds, but we know Beth has done nothing in violation of her electoral duties. It is also worth noting that a recall can cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. Our county has already been stretched thin by this unforeseen disaster and to believe it is acceptable to further add costs evoked by heated partisan politics should be troublesome to any citizen, Republican or Democrat.  

The official filing of Laura Wood’s “Save Routt County” campaign has quickly prompted us to launch a counter campaign to encourage the community to support Beth and decline to sign, and to show Beth and her fellow commissioners that we stand with them. We stood with them when they were elected into office, and we stand with them as they navigate through these challenging times. We have created Routt County for Beth because our community is better than this.

Stephany Traylor, co-chair
Jon Quinn, co-chair
Lauren Davies Hewitt
Matthew Kireker
Paula Cooper Black
Helen Beall
Matthew Eidt
Hannah Hoffman
Michael Marchand

Routt County for Beth committee

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