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Letter: Republican Party’s motto seems to be party first, country last

Many years ago, I was an independent who was a slightly left-leaning moderate and considered the views of both sides of the political spectrum.   While my moderate viewpoints have not changed much, the actions of the conservative right have moved further and further to the extreme right, making me look like I have done the same in the opposite direction. 

Watching the dismantling of all the safeguards that protect our air, water, food, voting rights, justice system, public lands, political process and economic fairness, I’ve come to the point where I can’t even consider a conservative candidate on the right.

The sad passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has brought the worst out in the Republican Party once again. While there are members of the party who go to church, are good parents and faithful to their spouses, their actions over the last four years and before show little moral principles and integrity to speak of. They say one thing to get elected, and their actions do the opposite. They are hypocritical and spineless, being led around by the present administration’s edicts.

  1. Afraid to impeach a guilty president in order to get reelected.

2. Against genuine health care for Americans for fear of a primary.

3. Let Mitch McConnell lead them around by the nose.

4. Didn’t allow a two-term president with 10 months left in his term to nominate a moderate U.S. Supreme Court Justice: “Let’s wait for the next election and let the people decide.” 

5. Seventeen active Republican Senators supported that policy in 2016. What will they do now?

6. Hypocritical because they will ignore that stand to nominate a Supreme Court Justice with only 45 days before the next election.

7. After three years of ignoring the suffering from hurricane impacts in Puerto Rico, they have decided to give them some relief funding since it’s an election year. Buying votes?

8. Defund the U.S. Postal Service to prevent absentee and mail-in ballots from arriving on time.

9. Gagging government employees from telling the truth and performing their job honestly.

The Republican Party’s motto seems to be party first, country last. When the Affordable Care Act was under attack by the Republican Party over the last 10 years, the American people have spoken out strongly to save it. We need to speak out again about Supreme Court nominations with calls and emails now and with our votes in this election.

John Spezia
Steamboat Springs

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