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Letter: Political distancing

Not quite the same as the social type, but maybe as effective. Some who are starting to practice such? 

W and Colin Powell, Michael Steele, George Will, Cindy McCain, many retired generals, ex-high ranking department secretaries, James Mattis and probably Jeb Bush. This is quite a list, bound to grow much longer. A few GOP senators also, with more to come as election day nears. 

Their fear from the incumbent slackens when they sense the ship is sinking. What side of history do they want to be on? Maybe the right side, as in “correct.” When your incumbent Potus pulls an unbelievable photo-op with a Bible, after having peaceful demonstrators flash-grenaded and chemical sprayed (banned even in war), so he could stand in front of a church he never goes to is a bridge too far, I guess.

And on the day of a murdered black man’s service, he actually said how happy George Floyd must be about his presidential actions with military use against civilians. It was something that shocked people around the world.

Remember how the GOP and Trump always said Obama was “leading from behind?” Is that worse than “leading from the basement?” I don’t know.

Oh yeah. He was just inspecting the bunker that morning, for a few minutes. The Secret Service thought he was down there almost an hour in the evening — so often in the dark.

Up until the virus situation, the world just laughed at us. But with his virus fiasco and now the militaristic approach on the Floyd tragedy, the world is shocked. It knows it can’t trust the U.S. on any pact, past or future, with this guy as president.

And now, finally, some GOPers are finding their backbones to “political distance” themselves from him. They have realized that this disastrous administration is not worth hitching a ride with.

Hopefully, enough Americans will feel the same in November. Get out the vote. Avoid four more years of disaster. The world will thank us.

Ken Collins
Oak Creek

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