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Letter: Poem captures big snow, big boom

The Big Snow and Light Show

It was billed as the snows of all snow,
for elevations high up
as well as those here below.

So the snow was totally relentless,
smothering small houses
and most country fences.

Who could imagine just a few days with so much snow?
It was said to have such power
that it rained down three to four inches every single hour.

Though winter driving proved to be quite cautious,
city plowmen kept highways, streets, and roads spotless.
Skiers, sledders, and boarders didn’t want it to stop,
but for those who shovel, it seemed way over the top.

Weather gurus cleverly called it an atmospheric river,
sending up even the strongest spine a cold winter shiver.
This river without a single fish or other life form
turned out to be the cause of one whale of a storm.

Those stormy days and Winter Carnival concluded just right
with an evening spectacle, the pillar of light.
Tim Borden’s invention, like some supernatural intention,
for an instant split open the sky, then exploded

Filling the night with dazzling hues of pink and rose red,
vermillion, cerise, and orange bright umber,
while crowds gazing skyward
may have just witnessed the eighth world wonder

Sandy Conlon
Steamboat Springs

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