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Letter: Our last defense?

The office of attorney general was established in 1789, as a cabinet office. He is appointed by and can be dismissed by the President. He is confirmed by the U.S. Senate. He is the chief officer of the law.

The Justice Department is also our country’s last line of defense, from a legal standpoint, from an out-of-control executive office. Except in today’s America. Trump is now dictating what cases the U.S. attorney general should take. And how he should rule. This is not, and has never been, the intent.  

Trump is also, unbelievably, saying certain Supreme Court justices should not be allowed to hear any case that he does not want them to judge. As in so many things, Trump does not know the definition of so many things, as in “justice” in this situation.

He has systematically destroyed, defunded or disempowered several cabinet and government departments already as in the EPA, Department of Education, NSA, FBI, National Park Service. On his “to-do list” is Medicare and Social Security. He has weaponized the Immigration Service into his personal SWAT team.

America has never been this close to a dictatorship in its 240-plus years as a nation of democracy. Trump has a contempt of democracy. It is his word and belief that he is above the law, is the law and determines the law.

Is this what the people who voted for him in 2016 and apparently will vote for him in 2020 expected? Want? OK with? Are there any who are questioning his power trip that he is taking America on?

If so, get yourself and all those you know out there and demonstrate, protest, and especially, vote. Considering how far he has gone and what he is doing since his partisan acquittal, it may be our last chance to stay as the worlds’ best example of a democracy.

Ken Collins
Oak Creek

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