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Letter: Open up economy by funding antibody testing

I’ll not address the bubbling debate about opening up for business here. It’s too emotional to even think about it.

With a niece on the front lines in a Chicago hospital, it’s hard for me to entertain the conversation. With a high school friend mourning the loss of his mother, I can’t imagine what her other four boys and nearly 20 grandchildren are going through.

To think about business as usual would seem to me an insult to common sense. Nonetheless the debate rages on, and back in Michigan where I grew up, the protest was brought to the state capitol today with hundreds honking their horns on the doorstep of the governor’s office.

Are we really that callous to disregard human life so blatantly. This virus is going to be with us for the foreseeable future. If we are to attack, let’s do so on the same page. Let’s acknowledge that if we open up for business as usual, we will have further outbreaks, and we will have a localized emergency.

Ask any health care worker right now in New York City where victims are dying at a rate of over 700 people per day. To date they have seen enough death to wipe out the entire population of Steamboat Springs. Too dramatic for you? Tough. Deal with it.

You want to do something about it? How about pooling some of your wealth, and instead of railing against your county commissioners, fund antibody testing for anyone in the county who wants it. Tonight on NBC was a story of a man who donated plasma used on a COVID-19 patient who is now making a recovery. The donor tested positive for the antibodies indicating he had survived the virus.

Instead of grandstanding about your limited government ideologies, how about you think of a way to get the local economy opened up again by focusing on the people who make it happen. Fund the testing needed right here where you live.

Stop grandstanding and get on the bandwagon and bring home a win. Anything less is just moaning about how slighted you feel by heavy handed measures taken by your elected representatives.

I’ll be the first to pledge $250 of my own money toward funding such an effort. If it takes more of my personal savings to bring this to bear, I will but as it sits I am about two months from insolvency and many are already there. This is no joke and the proverbial bread lines are already forming daily at LiftUp, the resort parking garage and Snow Bowl. Put your money where your mouth is and do something other than whine. 


Peter Arnold
Steamboat Springs

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