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Letter: 97 citizens ask commissioners to amend latest health order

Dear Commissioners Corrigan, Melton and Monger,

We, the undersigned concerned citizens of Routt County, are writing to ask you to reconsider your decision to require mandatory wearing of face masks in all public places of business under threat of $5,000 fine and imprisonment in the county jail.

In a county of 24,000 people with only 43 COVID-19 cases, with an abundance of open space and fresh air, your decision seems extraordinarily heavy-handed and intended to sow fear and distrust, rather than to stop the spread of disease.

We strongly encourage you to revise your order to encourage “voluntary” wearing of face masks, without threats of fines and jail time. This will remove the aspect of fear and distrust, by giving people a sense of control over their daily lives, and will still achieve your objective of having most people wearing face masks in public as they are doing already.

The Steamboat Pilot & Today’s article on Easter Sunday, “Concerns about suicides on the rise in Routt County,” underscores the importance of not exacerbating fear and anxiety levels at this challenging time. Business owners in Routt County are already under tremendous financial stress without your threats of fines and jail time.

We ask you to take this action to amend your order immediately to alleviate the fear and anxiety triggered by your actions.


Jennifer Schubert-Akin, Rick Akin, Henry F. Fabian, Jr. MD, Tim Borden, Ed and June MacArthur, Anne and Rich Lowe, Curt and Mary Weiss, Steve Hofman, Joe and Mary Harker, Debbie and David Dacus, Bob and Ann Ball, Albert “Rick” Dowden, David B. Wilson, Ginny and Rich Srednicki, Chris and Meg Cummings, Joanna and Otis Wragg, Gary and Carol Burkholder, Gary and Patsy Levang, Bill and Susan Friesell, Chenza and Ron Lazof, Ron Barry, Rodger and Terry Glaspey, Andrea and Eric Wilson, Cole and Margo McCombs, Curt Thompson, Sara Bishop, Penny and Punch Martyn, Savannah Wolfson, Bill and Laura Woods, Donna Showalter Russo, Mary Gleason, Heather and Ren Martyn, Sarah and Daniel Howard, Carol J. Ward, Danny Weiss, Chuck and BJ Vale, Ken Montgomery, Christy and Matt Belton, Tom Chaney, Brian C. Simmons, Vicki and Pete Wood, Lee and Mary Kaye Schoeneman, Les Liman, Dave Moloney, Andrew Heppelmann, Ben and Tara Weaver, Brett Cason and family, Ken Manley, Nick Bosick, Martin Mullet, Barbara Price, Luke Berlet, Eric Wichelhaus, Susan Schiesser, Del and Nina Lockhart, Garrett Prechtl, Carol and Lindsay Wert, Jason and Karen Butts, Levi and Jenna Muhme, Tom Fox, Frederick W. Gardner, Savannah and Jason Bongiorno, Kathy Steinberg, Monte and Chris Brunner and Paul Saffell

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