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Letter: Masks are now bi-partisan and fashionable

Dear brothers and sisters in MAGA land,


Our Dear Leader, The Donald, recently was photographed by the White House press pool wearing a mask during a visit to our wonderful, brave wounded and sick warriors at the Walter Reed hospital in Washington, D.C. He looked quite dashing and debonair with a black face mask — though hint to his staff: try and get masks color coordinated with his ties. It would look ever so much better and fashionable. Maybe Melania could lend a hand.

You do realize what this means?

It is now alright for MAGA-hat wearers and fashion-conscious Trumpistas to wear face masks. You, too, can don a face mask and go shopping or dining, with nary a worry about getting the old stink-eye from liberals, medical personnel or county commissioners. Isn’t that a relief? 

A grateful nation, state, county and city acknowledge your bravery in going maskless, but following Dear Leader’s example, masks are now bi-partisan and conservative. Saving your life and others is conservative, is it not?

Now Donald’s mask does not eliminate the problem of mixed messaging coming from the White House. Dear Leader recently said that 99% of people infected with the coronavirus will be “just fine,” which is a wee bit of an exaggeration. While some infected people recover 100%, many do not, as they experience strokes, heart trouble and chronic problems with moving and thinking.

But I’m sure things will get better, just as soon as Dear Leader finds the phone number for Dr. Fauci, who hasn’t heard from the Orange One in over a month.

The White House is also urging the public to “get used to living with the virus” as an ever-present fact of life. I suppose that’s possible if one doesn’t focus too much on the word “living.” After all, we’re now up to 137,000 dead and seem headed to 200,000 dead by this fall. Ah well. I suppose one can get used to anything.

Sarcastically yours,

Brodie Farquhar

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