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Letter: Letting Triple Crown come to Steamboat is ‘incomprehensible’

As a long time citizen (24 years here, fifth-generation Coloradan), I would like to express my deep concerns that Triple Crown is being considered for Steamboat Springs.

I employ nine people here in Steamboat. We are all are working from home trying to keep Steamboat safe. Colorado has done well keeping infection down, and we appreciate what the city and county have done and the cautious return to operations. Everyone wants to get back to normal but in a safe way. 

Inviting inevitable mass contagion to Steamboat after our three-month lockdown is incomprehensible. This undermines all our sacrifices. Steamboat has options, and arguing that it’s either hold the event or ruin our businesses is ridiculous.

Triple Crown brings relatively little income in and serves only a handful of local residents. The beneficiaries are primarily nonresidents. The repercussions of inviting hundreds of people in to play in a virtually uncontrollable environment, many of whom will be from states that have had a lax COVID-19 policy, is potentially disastrous. A massive second wave of infection can shut us down again and risk our ski season next winter.

Special interests should not be allowed to destroy our good efforts and financial future. Hosting Triple Crown would put our families, more vulnerable citizens and health and grocery workers etc. at greater risk in exchange for the modest revenue the event brings. 

The alternative: Keep residents safe; make parts of Lincoln, Yampa and some side streets foot traffic only; allow restaurants and shops to move tables and clothing racks outside. Keep parks safe for our kids. Open up in a planned, intelligent way.

If rules for masks and social distancing are enforced, it is possible to keep Steamboat safe for those who work, pay taxes and send their kids to school here. Let visitors come as individuals or small families, not in hordes. No one will make big profits this year, but businesses can be supported by residents and survive if our people are able to work and enjoy summer life again in healthy conditions. 

Triple Crown will drive residents back inside to hide in our homes. Steamboat’s future will be secured if safety protocols are maintained this summer and citizens support locally. Many cities have said “no” to Triple Crown for good reason. Let’s say “no.” 

State your concerns at change.org.

Cherri Briggs
Explore Inc., Steamboat Springs

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