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Letter: Let’s talk about the awkwardness

“We will make it through this together.” I hear that lot lately. And I do truly believe it. Our health officials and medical staff have guided us thus far with impeccable professionalism. Thank you. 

However, we need to address the awkwardness that had developed throughout our community. I know that the public health orders have come out and many people just are not getting the information in the same time you get it. And thus, I have felt this awkwardness walking through the grocery stores and other places where the public gather.

Just last Saturday when I went to the store to get our weekly groceries, I noticed people dodging my visual hello. I went down an aisle the wrong way. It had been a week since I was there and didn’t know to look for the arrow decals on the floor. But instead of anyone saying or pointing anything out, I got the ole stink eye. Kind of like what my mom did to me when I did something really wrong.

And this mask I’m wearing is not because I’m going to rob you, so please don’t treat me like I’m a robber. And I won’t treat you that way either.

Now I am not excusing anyone for not knowing the what the latest guidelines and requirements are. You need to go to the website covid19routtcounty.com and get informed. In the meantime, share a head nod and possibly a visual connection with some good eye contact.

It is in the eye contact, or lack of it that we need to address. I’m an eye contact communicator, and now, no one can see if I am smiling or not (most likely I am) under my face mask. But here’s the reality. Mostly everyone you see driving around, strolling on the path or walking by in the grocery stores are your neighbors. Locals. All of us, hunkered down together.

Some people may not be as extreme with the guidelines as you or I, but we need to show some deeper compassion for our neighbors. A simple “Hey did you know” would be a good start. Or if you walk by, please avoid giving your neighbor the ole stink eye. Share some good eye contact. Maybe give me a head nod. 

Because those eyes are the new smiles we need to share.

Michael Buccino
Citizen and city councilor

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