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Letter: Lack of COVID-19 testing

I believe when the history of the medical impact of COVID-19 on our country is written, it will be noted that the lack of early, aggressive, wide-reaching testing for the virus — like that mandated in South Korea and credited for “flattening the curve” there — led to many hospitalizations and deaths that could’ve been prevented.

To date, by means of current testing criteria, our state and federal governments are intentionally thwarting asymptomatic yet high-risk individuals from obtaining tests. I believe this is not being done for a medically valid reason but because of a shortage of available test kits that has been well-documented by numerous investigative news outlets. It is worth noting that, as Dr. Sanjay Gupta has repeatedly warned on CNN, four out of five people who’ve tested positive were infected by someone who didn’t know they had the virus.

Bottom line: It’s almost certain that community spread of COVID-19 is, and will continue to be, exponentially higher because of a lack of testing of asymptomatic — yet infected — individuals who are not in quarantine and are therefore spreading the virus to more vulnerable individuals who will become symptomatic and will stress our already over-stressed health care system.

Rob Douglas
Steamboat Springs

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