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Letter: It can’t get worse?

The Dems had it all wrong.  Breaking the law according to the Constitution was not a bad enough crime for the GOP Senate.  The Emoluments clause, getting rich off your presidency, is a minor crime.  

What they should have done and now can do, with mountains of evidence, is claim that this guy is incapable of leading this, or any other, country.  Yes, he has done OK with the economy.  Thank you, Barack Obama.  His last two years were better than Trump’s three, even without a giant “rich people only” tax cut.  And without a soon debilitating trillion dollar-plus increase of debt.

DT’s No. 1 job, as he always tells us, is keeping America safe.  He failed miserably in the post Puerto Rican disaster.  And now the COVID-19 pandemic is exhibit 1 on his profound inability to lead.

Washington state was the opening slap in the face of the virus in America.  Hundreds of cases and several deaths.  Why was it so bad there?  Trump blamed the Governor, that “Snake” Inslee.  What Inslee and Washington did was go behind DT’s CDC rules and started testing a month ago.  Therefore, they knew soon how many and who were infected.  And they started to figure out what needed to be done.  If the rest of America had done what Washington has done and Trump had led like Inslee has led, maybe we would be in much better straits.

Trump shut down Obama’s Global Health Security team in ’18; and silenced the CDC when they first heard about it in mid-January; he is now bailing out Big Oil because the billions they get in tax breaks aren’t enough; he is trying to cut 700,000 off the food program at the worst possible time; he has cut $104 million from the Pentagon’s biological research facilities and he squelched any news that might be harmful to his beloved Dow numbers.  That’s just a start.  

So yes, the Dems were looking  the wrong way.  The obvious and “right in front of the world’s face” real removable crime is his utter incompetence as our leader.  I am pretty sure the rest of the world, sans Russia, would agree. That would leave us Pence, I know.  But only for a few months.

For all out there, especially the young, the women and the minorities, get registered. Then vote this fall.  And who knows, maybe this political virus we have will “magically disappear” in November.

Ken Collins
Oak Creek

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