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Letter: Empathy shouldn’t be so hard for the president

Empathy is not a really hard thing to have unless you are a Trump.

My father was in the Army Air Corps. in World War II. My mother was in the Womens’ Auxillary Corps. I also had two uncles in the Army. Most people my age had parents/relatives involved in that war. Or maybe in Vietnam themselves, or friends and relatives.

Sorry, you draft dodger-in-chief. They were not losers or suckers. Trump does not understand that tens of thousands of Americans sacrificed so creeps like him can say horrible things like he does.

That right to be free to say things that disgust most people was fought and paid for with blood and suffering. It is beyond belief, to me, that people can deem this person worthy of our presidency. He considers giving the military more money and a raise in pay as patriotism. But actually fight to defend America? As he asked Gen. Kelly at his son’s grave, “Why would a person do that?”

If our troops sacrifice was questionable, he also does not understand our teachers’ sacrifice. Start the schools. Crowd the classrooms. Put kids and teachers at risk. After all, he’s got a great track record with education. Pay someone to take your tests. Start a scam university to bilk millions out of families. Can you get any lower than that?

To him, the CEO is the true patriot of America. Money is the best calculation of a good citizen. Honesty? Empathy? Humility? Trust? Just words for losers.

How this person still has a following is beyond belief. How the GOP still stands silent is a head shaker. And now he wants people to commit a felony by voting twice. I’ll be interested in how people will defend him now.

Ken Collins
Oak Creek

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