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Letter: Don’t dismiss Black voices you find inconvenient

I used to be a Black Lives Matter advocate until I realized I was doing it out of racist motivations. I still acknowledge we are entrenched in a deep pit of racism, and I’m writing this to help our local community know how to be real advocates for Black lives.

I was struck, again, with America’s racism as I read the news following the Republican National Convention. I’d like you to imagine that you are a Black American who told your story at the RNC, only to be dismissed by the “anti-racist” left as an Uncle Tom, a race traitor, a sellout or a token.

There is most definitely rampant racism in America today, especially coming from white liberals who will only accept their narrative from Black communities, shaming Black people who don’t agree with their politics. If you do not support Black Republicans, you do not support Black people. Own it. You are just supporting the Democrats.

White liberals have what the right refers to as the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Their message to the conservative Black community is, “We’ll be offended on your behalf when you don’t know what’s good for you. You’re too stupid and brainwashed to know better.”

This is why only one in six Black Lives Matter protestors are Black, but four out of five identify as Democrats (from studies done by the Pew Research Center). The Black Live Matters crowd are bewildered by and will attack a Black man for wearing a MAGA hat, inflict violence on Black-owned businesses and even tear down statues of Black abolitionists.

Don’t tell me “they can’t help it because it’s too hard to be Black in America.” Do you have the self control not to riot? So do Black Americans, and, again, the riots are not even a representation of their community.

This looking down your nose in pity is racism. This is paternalism in the highest degree. Don’t be a Black Lives Matter advocate in order to loudly tell your white friends how not racist you are, like I once did. If you want to truly advocate for your Black American brothers and sisters, listen to their voices. All of their voices. They are individuals with diverse thoughts and valid stories to tell, just like you.

Savvy Wolfson
Routt County

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