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Letter: Don’t be impatient

I would like to tell my Routt County community a true story. My great-great uncle Dick Brown drowned to death at his home in Clark on Dec. 5, 1918, in the Spanish Flu worldwide pandemic that lasted from 1918 into 1921 and killed somewhere between 50 million and 100 million people.

Yes, drowned. His lungs filled with fluid from the opportunistic pneumonia that was the true unseen killer of that pandemic. It is a terrible way to die. Uncle Dick, 39 years old, contracted the virus by traveling to Colorado Springs on business in late November, returned home and died within days. He had not interacted with any visibly ill people.  

In our Governor’s words, it is just wrong to “try to get away with something” simply because you find stay-at-home measures inconvenient, boring, or cramping your lifestyle. It is wrong to go rafting, it is not OK to move between multiple households (do the math of that contact spread) and it is mind numbingly selfish to put yourself above others’ health. 

Are you sure that multiple trips to the grocery store each week are really that important, that moving between multiple households and shopping venues is wise, that being on that crowded bike path is really essential, that you really just can’t stay home like we are being asked to do? Don’t make a big deal out of it, we are all missing out on many things in our lives. For me, who knows when I will ever again see my soon-to-be 3-year-old grandson in Nairobi, Kenya? 

I am so grateful to the many in our community, in so many different professions, who do not have the choice to stay home, who are working outside of the safety of their homes every day. Thank you. The rest of us, please just stay home, whatever you think your needs are, most of them really aren’t.

Mary Walker

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