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Letter: Annexation is right plan for community’s future

In June, we will make an important decision about our community’s future by voting on the annexation of 191 acres into Steamboat Springs for the creation of West Steamboat Neighborhoods, a neighborhood of 158 deed-restricted and 292 market-rate homes for locals. We are a community group of teachers, retirees, small business owners, real estate agents, past and present elected officials and more representing our community’s voice. Please join us in voting “yes.”

We support the West Steamboat Neighborhoods Annexation because it:

• Provides a variety of housing for working people and their families

• Is consistent with the vision for our community’s future

• Pays its own way

We are losing our middle class because families can’t afford to stay in Steamboat. If we don’t work quickly to fill the void of housing for entry-level and move-up housing in our market, Steamboat will continue to become more and more unaffordable for those of us who live and work here. West Steamboat Neighborhoods fills a critical void in our housing market.

This same void is hurting longtime locals and retirees looking to downsize. They are stuck in homes that they no longer need because there is no inventory. West Steamboat Neighborhoods will provide modestly-sized homes for downsizers.

We love our community because it is more than just a resort, and we want to keep it that way. Our community created a plan for the future of Steamboat that identified the west end as the area for growth, allowing us to protect open lands in the county by concentrating development. West Steamboat Neighborhoods maintains our community character.

Over three years, City Council has negotiated an annexation agreement that requires West Steamboat Neighborhoods to pay what any development would plus money for future water and transportation infrastructure, snow removal equipment and an assessment to offset the cost of city services. In addition, West Steamboat Neighborhoods is donating 12 acres of land to the school district and 2 acres of land to the Housing Authority. West Steamboat Neighborhoods is a good deal for Steamboat Springs.

We believe that the West Steamboat Neighborhoods annexation is the right plan for the future of our community. Please join us in voting “yes” to locals’ housing. Ballots are due June 25.

Learn more about the annexation, sign on as a supporter or contribute to the campaign efforts at http://www.yestolocalshousing.com.

Beth Melton, Ben Beall IV, Jon Quinn, Chris Slota, Kathy Coates, Matt Karzen, Angela Ashby, Helen Beall, Pam Karzen, Veronika Slota, Kristen Lillie, Tyler Gibbs, Paula Cooper Black, Kara Stoller, Matt Eidt, Michael Marchand, Roger Ashton and Martin Dragnev

On behalf of the YES to Locals’ Housing Committee

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