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Letter: Alterra, please shut down the mountain

Leaving Steamboat Resort open at a time when even Disney World is shut down is unethical and socially irresponsible. Steamboat Springs does not have the healthcare infrastructure to handle COVID-19 cases from tourists that we are already getting. 

Our facilities have extremely limited capacity, and our population is a blue zone with a lot of elderly people at high risk. 

Alterra, you need to do the right thing. All businesses are suffering at this time, but it’s time to put people and community over profits. There will be federal financial assistance for businesses affected by this. 

The type of person that would travel at this time is obviously not the kind of person that’s practicing social distancing that we should all be doing. Actions like closing our schools are being undermined by having tourists come in at this time. 

Alterra, be a responsible member of this community and shut it down.

Danny Pacetti
Steamboat Springs

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