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Letter: Addressing inaccuracies

The three letters to the editor printed in the Wednesday, June 10, edition of Steamboat Pilot & Today were not entirely accurate. I’d like to address them here.

The first letter from Lorretta Van Norstrand heralds the great job Trump is doing. I would argue that the following is all evidence to the contrary:

  • Claimed a deadly global pandemic is a hoax from his political opponents
  • Encouraged people to try untested medical treatments
  • Went golfing the same weekend the national death toll hit 100,000
  • Mistreats reporters who ask him to explain himself after a confusing or misleading comment
  • Makes up conspiracies like Obamagate to redirect our attention
  • Encouraged armed white protestors to disregard their governors’ safety rules
  • Claims fake news as a rallying cry for his followers when anyone dares to call him on his dangerous and inflammatory language
  • Hid in a bunker while the nation he is supposed to be leading burns

Also, the pandemic is not over. We could very possibly reach 2 million deaths in this country, especially if the president continues to focus on the economy rather than healthcare.

To Katherine Cain I say this: Nine month abortions are a scare tactic used by anti-abortionists. Ninety-one percent of abortions are performed within the first 13 weeks, 8% take place in the second trimester, and 1% take place after that, almost always when the mother’s life is at risk and not when the fetus is viable. Regardless of when an abortion occurs, it is no one’s business but that of the woman having it and her doctor. Also, God doesn’t belong in a political party platform as our forefathers were very clear about the separation of church and state.

And finally, to Ann Ross’s comments about single-use plastic bags: There is no proof that single-use plastic bags are any safer during a pandemic than reusable bags. In fact, a study released by The New England Journal of Medicine on April 16 said that the virus was more stable on plastic longer than on cardboard. Plastic manufacturers are using this time to scare us into dialing back the progress made on getting rid of single-use plastics, but the science is not there. Simply treat your reusable bags the same way as your reusable masks; wash them after every use.

Mandy M. Maass
Oak Creek

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