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Letter: Above the law

If I were one of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, I would not waste my time questioning the nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. It would not do any good.

Instead, I would address the nominee and the American people.

We are here today because the Republicans in the U.S. Senate are beholden to a person who believes he is above the law. That person has said so many times and has put that belief into action through disregard of law, decency and the institutions of this great country.  

Whether it is the flaunting of the Emoluments clause; his firings of inspector generals who expose his immoral and illegal behavior; his threats to whistleblowers who tell the truth and his signals to witnesses that a pardon is in the works if they “behave.” This is a man who has undermined our great institutions — the press, our military leadership, our intelligence agencies, our health professionals, the objective facts of science and our judicial system — an irony since that is what we are supposed to be here for today.

Trump has divided this nation as no president has ever done. His hate speech, his messages of fear, his demeaning and marginalization of whole groups of people, his threats of retaliation toward “blue” states because they do not support him, have all demonstrated his inability to unite this country. He stands only for his supporters and of course himself.

We are here today because the Republicans have enabled Trump’s immoral, unethical, divisive and illegal behavior. They have shed any veneer of principle and honor that they may have had — all because they fear him and his base.

And here we are today considering a person to be Supreme Court justice, a person nominated by a man who has no sense of justice, no moral compass and no sense of fairness and compassion. We are here because the Senate Republicans have also lost their sense of justice, their moral compass and their sense of fairness.

And you Judge …… have become a party to this grand charade. The disgusting hypocrisy and outright lies to the American people — some made right here in this chamber — and the total disregard of the will of the American people, have brought us to this moment in American history.  And you Judge ….. could have done the right thing and declined this nomination out of respect for the will of the American people. But by accepting it, your tenure in the Supreme Court will forever be marked by an asterisk -— part of a blemish on American history.

I have no questions for this nominee.

Lou Coggia
Steamboat Springs

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