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Learn from history, or expect to repeat it

U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis spoke on the floor of the House about the Iraq situation. It was aired March 4 on C-SPAN.

His main thrusts were Saddam Hussein’s strategy of deceit and deception that has gone on through 17 toothless U.N. resolutions and 12 years and that we must do something while it is still possible. To wait increases the hazard, and passes on a huge problem to our children.

McInnis was rightly upset about demonstrations against using force to oust Saddam Hussein. He reviewed Britain’s then-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s meeting with Hitler in the mid-1930s.

On his return from Germany and reporting on the meeting, Chamberlain said “peace in our time” was the result. Almost to a person, the British people and their leaders were euphoric that war had been averted. One lone dissenter, however, had the foresight to see Hitler’s real game plan. That was Winston Churchill. Churchill voiced his concern about Hitler’s real goal (liebensraum — or “living space”) and called for all-out armament and preparation for war. He was roundly booed in the British Parliament.

Guess what — a little later in the 1930s Hitler started invading his neighbors, and soon ignited World War II. The gist of this is that a great majority of a whole nation’s people could be deceived.

The analogy to today’s demonstrations, protests and pacifism is plain. A couple of generations born since WW II probably took driver’s ed instead of history classes, and do not have the perspective of history to offset their emotional responses to the thought of dealing with Saddam Hussein. Some wise person long ago said that ignorance of history dooms us to repeat its mistakes.

The French are certainly no help either.

Their freedom was salvaged for them by the U. S. and Great Britain in three wars, if you want to include holding back the Russian Bear in the cold war.

Our only thanks and reward for keeping them free is some French soil in which to bury our dead.(quoted from a House floor speech by Rep. Henry Hyde).

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